Welcome to Lagunen Marina and our Motorhome Parking!

In close proximity to the sea, with beautiful views over The Oresund Strait and it’s wonderful sunset, you will find Lagunen’s Marina and Motorhome Parking. During the summer season, 40 motorhome overnight parking pitches are available, while during the winter there are 25 pitches available. Each pitch is clearly marked, and there are electrical outlets with 10 amp circuit breakers, 1 outlet/motorhome, evenly spread out in the parking area.

The dayli fee is 300:-. The fee is paid inside The Club House, where there is a multi-language payment machine complete with touch screen. Please note that Lagunen is cash-free and only credit and debit cards (No Amex) are accepted.

The printed ticket should be placed well visible inside of the front windscreen. The necessary codes for the Wi-Fi network and other facilities are printed on the receipt. The following is included in your fee: electricity, showers and toilets, freshwater refill, as well as waste water disposal. The showers and toilets are located in the grey container building next to the motorhome parking area. At the rear of this building, sinks for dishwashing are available. During office hours (weekdays 08-16), a launderette is also available and the cost of each wash is 50 SEK. The latest check-out time is 15:00 the day following your check-in.
You are always welcome into the office if you have any questions or need further assistance and we will always try to help out to the best of our abilities. Please note that we do not accept pre-bookings for our motorhome overnight parking pitches.

For guests arriving by boat:

Lagunen is a member of the “Frihamnsordningen”. If you have a paid membership and a valid decal, the environmental fee is 75 SEK per day. If not, the harbour dues are 250 SEK per day. Payment is made by using the payment machine in The Club House, which is also used by motorhome guests. Please attach the payment decal on the starboard side of the boat’s freeboard, closest to the jetty or pier. On the receipt, you will find the pincodes for the shower/toilet blocks in the harbour.
All waste must be sorted in the dedicated recycling stations located on the harbour’s service road. The north-facing paved area in front of The Club House is open for all guests including both boat and motorhome owners.
Docking is possible in guest berths marked with a green sign. The largest berths are found on E-jetty and on P-pier situated on opposite sides of the marina. Do not dock in a larger berth than is necessary for your boat. Please note that it is forbidden to re-fuel while moored in a berth. Diesel can be purchased and your boat refuelled at the service pier next to the mast crane. Next to the diesel
pump, a holding-tank pump-out station can be found. Please note that no boats, under any circumstances, are to be left unsupervised at the service pier, even temporarily.

Nice to know:

  • The walking distance to the closest grocery store is – Coop Limhamns sjöstad – 1700m .
  • The number 7 bus from Limhamnsvägen runs every 10 minutes.
  • Ribban beach – follow the service road through the harbour towads Turning Torso
  • The nearest fuel station station for vehicles is Shell at Limhamn
  • Restaurants within walking distance are found in the centre of Limhamn The tabeles pictured on this page between The Club House and The Marina are available for use by all guests.
  • All waste must be recycled in the appropriate bins in the harbour area
  • Please tag photos from Lagunen with #LagunenMalmoe or #LagunenMalmö on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.