Guest with boat

Lagunen offers great facilities in an attractive setting. Guests may use members’ berths when they are not in the harbor, which means that you always have many berths to choose from. These vacant berths are easy to find as they are always marked with a green sign. Lagunen is also a member of the Scandinavian and German “Frihamnsordning”.

Harbour fee for a 24-hour period: 200 Swedish Krona (including electricity, fresh water and shower)

”Frihamnsordning”: Guest who are member of the ”Frihavnsordning”  pays  50 Swedish Krona for each 24-hour period (maximum of 72 hours ) if guest want to use electricity, fresh water and shower and wifi, a sort of service fee.

Harbour fees are to be paid on arrival – use the payment machine, which is located in the entrance to the harbour office.


Lagunen offers all of the modern amenities required for an enjoyable stopover:

  • Clean and modern toilets and showers placed in several locations in the harbour
  • Marine diesel tank
  • Holding tank pump-out station
  • Electricity and water
  • Wireless network, best connection beside the clubhouse
  • Full laundry facilities including washing machine and tumble drier
  • Several barbeques, with tables and benches
  • Use of cycles for our guests
  • Access to the clubhouse’s conservatory

It is our ambition to be one of Sweden’s best and most pleasant harbours. Please do not hesitate to make suggestions about any additional measures or facilities, which could make “Lagunen” even more attractive. Send your input to